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Sullivan City Council
Ann Short, Mayor, Public Affairs Commissioner
Mike Mossman, Accounts and Finance Commissioner
Jerry Risley, Streets and Public Improvements Commissioner
Mike Kirk, Public Property Commissioner
Grant Wade, Health and Safety Commissioner
City Building/Administration Offices
Dan Flannell, City Administrator
Sarah Golden, Treasurer
Nakayla Swisher, Assistant Treasurer
Amy Pope
Karen Skidis
Carrie Creek
Monte Johnson, City Clerk, GIS Administrator, FOIA Officer, ADA Coordinator
Electric Department
Ed Righter, Mechanic/Maintenance Foreman
Mark Conlin, Operator
Bret Guin, Operator

Kim Harris, Journeyman Lineman

Ed Briscoe, Operator
Kyle Myler, Apprentice Lineman
Brock Cook, Apprentice Lineman
Don Clements, Operator
Gas Department
Richard Barnes, Foreman
Sean Leavitt, Distribution Worker
Josh Isaacs, Distribution Worker
Danny Bathe, Distribution Worker
Civic Center
Sue Weaver, Director
Bill White, Maintenance Director, Certified Pool Operator
Ron Jenkins, Maintenance
Water/Sewer Department
Justin Farris, Sewer Department Foreman
Mark Allsop, Water Foreman
Brett Guyot
James Harlin, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Keith Hughes
Tim Rauch
Doug Shaw
Luke Goss
Joseph Wiltermood
Cody Bonebrake
Isaac Smith
Police Department
Jim Waggoner, Chief of Police
Andrew Pistorius, Assistant Chief of Police
Janet Dirks
Josh Qualls
Jared Hayse
Adam Collins
Robert Kidd
Brad McReynolds
Tom Lehew
Vincent Trapani
Cemetery Department
Herb Bricker, Foreman
Kyler Lane
Michael Cain
Park Department
Herb Bricker, Foreman
Ed Moody
Clint Thompson
Mitch Molzen
Street Department
Doug Daily, Foreman
Travis Hughes
Ron Burgess
Dustin Booker
Michelle Nolen, Director
Susan Wood, Assistant Director
Laura Davison, Children's Librarian
Geographic Information Systems
Monte Johnson, GIS Administrator


Alphabetical List of Employees




Allsop, Mark


City of Sullivan


ADA Coordinator

Barnes, Richard Gas Foreman
Bathe, Danny Gas  
Bonebrake, Cody Water/Sewer  
Booker, Dustin Street  
Bricker, Herb Park & Cemetery Foreman
Briscoe, Ed Electric  Operator
Burgess, Ron Street  
Cain, Michael Cemetery  
Clements, Don Electric Operator
Collins, Adam Police  
Conlin, Mark Electric Operator
Cook, Brock Electric Apprentice Lineman
Creek, Carrie Administration Office  
Daily, Doug Street Foreman
Davison, Laura Library Children's Librarian
Dirks, Janet Police  
Farris, Justin Water/Sewer Sewer Foreman
Flannell, Dan Administration Office City Administrator
Golden, Sarah Administration Office Treasurer
Goss, Luke Water/Sewer  
Guin, Bret Electric Operator
Guyot, Brett Water/Sewer  
Harlin, James Water/Sewer Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Harris, Kim Electric Journeyman Lineman
Hayse, Jared Police  
Hughes, Keith Water/Sewer  
Hughes, Travis Street  
Isaacs, Josh Gas Distribution Worker
Jenkins, Ron Civic Center Maintenance
Johnson, Monte Administration Office

City Clerk
GIS Administrator
FOIA Officer
ADA Coordinator

Kidd, Robert Police  
Kirk, Mike City Council Public Property
Lane, Kyler Cemetery  
Leavitt, Sean Gas Distribution Worker
Lehew, Tom Police  
Mast, Scott Library Children's Librarian
McReynolds, Brad Police  
Molzen, Mitchell Park  
Moody, Ed Park  
Mossman, Mike City Council Accounts & Finance
Myler, Kyle Electric Apprentice Lineman
Nolen, Michelle Library Director
Pistorius, Andrew Police Assistant Chief
Pope, Amy Administration Office  
Qualls, Josh Police  
Rauch, Tim Water/Sewer  
Righter, Ed Electric Mechanic/Maintenance
Risley, Jerry City Council Streets & Public Improvements
Shaw, Doug Water  
Short, Ann City Council Mayor, Public Affairs
Skidis, Karen Administration Office  
Smith, Isaac Water/Sewer  
Swisher, Nakayla Administration Office Assistant Treasurer
Thompson, Clint Park  
Trapani, Vincent Police  
Wade, Grant City Council Health & Safety
Waggoner, Jim Police Chief of Police
Weaver, Sue Civic Center Director
White, Bill Civic Center Maintenance Director, Certified Pool Operator
Wood, Susan Library Assistant Director