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Information about the City of Sullivan Database and Maps:
The information used in these applications were derived from digital databases in the City of Sullivan GIS. Although we strive to provide the best data we can, we sometimes use data developed by sources outside the City of Sullivan. Therefore, the City of Sullivan cannot accept any responsibility for any errors, omissions, or positional accuracy, and therefore, there are no warranties which accompany this product. Users of the information displayed in this map service are strongly cautioned to verify all information before making any decisions.

GIS Standard Map Disclaimer:
This product is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for, or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. Users of this information should review or consult the primary data and information sources to ascertain the usability of the information.

For questions on how to use the applications, or to report errors or discrepancies in the data, please contact GIS Administrator Monte Johnson.


Interactive Mapping Applications

We are in the process of reconstructing most of our applications. Many will be unavailable during this time. We will soon have the following applications back in use:

Zoning, TIF, Bike Route, Voting Precinct App, Electric Power Lines, Snow Route, Snowmobile/UTV Route, Fire Hydrant Locator


Zoning App

TIF District App

Greenhill Cemetery Viewing Application

A special thanks is given to Judy Sumner and theĀ 
Moultrie County Historical Society
A lot of time and effort was put in reading headstones
and reseraching genealogy.




Downloadable .pdfs

Some maps are large and may need to be downloaded instead of being opened in the browser for quicker viewing (right click, save link as).

Sullivan Zoning Map

Sullivan TIF District Map

Sullivan TIF District Map with Imagery

Greenhill Cemetery Section Map

Emergency Snow Route Map

Snowmobile & ATV Route Map

Sullivan Street Storm Sewer Inlet Locations

Sullivan Parade Route Map

Voting Precincts within Sullivan's City Limits

Sullivan CUSD #300 School District Boundaries

Sullivan School District Boundaries with Townships and Ranges

Moultrie County Rural Road Map

Sullivan Rotary Bike Route In Town (.pdf)

Sullivan Rotary Bike Route Country (.pdf)

Whitley Road System Map

East Nelson Road System Map

Sullivan Street Names with Grid

Moultrie County Voting District Maps

Sullivan Township Precinct Map

Sullivan Township Precinct 1, in City Limits

Sullivan Township Precinct 2, in City Limits

Sullivan Township Precinct 3, in City Limits

Sullivan Township Precinct 4

Sullivan Township Precinct 5, in City Limits

Sullivan Township Precinct 6, in City Limits

Sullivan Township Precinct 7, in City Limits

Detailed view of Sullivan Precincts 1, 3, & 6

Detailed view of Sullivan Precincts 2 & 5

Detailed view of Sullivan Precincts 4 & 7

All Sullivan Township Precincts within the City Limits

Dora Township

East Nelson Township

Jonathan Creek Township

Lovington Township

Detailed view of Lovington

Lowe Township

Marrowbone Township

Detailed view of Bethany

Whitley Township


Internal Maps and Applications - City Employee Use

Sewer Tap Documentation

Water Meter and Shutoff Locations

Fire Hydrants

Water Tap Documentation

Police Department Citizen Locator

Hydrant Flushing App

ADA Ramp Collector

Water Distribution Network

Sanitary Sewer Network

Cemetery Points

Water Plant Assets

Electric Transformer, Pole, and Street Lights

Street Maintenance

City Owned Property

Manhole Collector