Electric Department


The present power plant has a total of ten units ranging from 1000 to 6000 HP, with a total rated capacity of 19,632 kWh. Of these ten units, nine of these engines are operated on dual fuel (natural gas and #2 diesel fuel). The remaining unit is operated on diesel fuel alone.

The present distribution systems serves approximately 2,685 residential customers, and 395 commercial, and 3 industrial customers. It consists of 85 pole miles of 12 kV overhead distribution line, 10 circuit miles of 12 kV underground distribution line, and 7 pole miles of overhead 69 kV transmission line.

The power plant and substation will be completely retrofitted with up to date controls, switchgear, and SCADA system by August of 2002, with the installation of a new 25 mVa power transformer, total system output capacity is 56 mW.

On July 23, 1999 the electrical system set a record summer peak load of 14,904 kW. A record of 7,177,800 kWh for gross production and purchased power was set during July of 1999.