Adopt An Author

Adopt an Author Program will allow you to adopt your favorite author(s) by agreeing to purchase all new titles published by that author(s) for a period of one year.

The library will purchase each title at a discount of approximately 40%. You will be notified when the item arrives, and you will become the first reader.  Each book will have a bookplate stating that the book was purchased through the Adopt an Author Program.  Individual donors may request that their name(s) be added to the bookplate.  Community groups may donate in the name of their club or organization in which case individual names will not be printed.  When you check out the book you will pay the discounted price. Remember…your gift to the library is tax deductible!

To participate in the program and begin the adoption process, please stop by the  library at  2 W. Water, Sullivan, IL  61951.