City Council

The purpose of the City Council of the City of Sullivan is to provide a clean healthful environment for the citizens of the community, provide services as required by the community and provide safety under the laws of the Constitution. 

City Council Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. at the Elizabeth Titus Memorial Library, 2 West Water Street, in Sullivan. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month, unless the meeting date falls on a City Holiday, in which case the meeting would be held on Tuesday.

All five members of the City Council serve four-year terms. Current terms run from May 2023 through April 2027.

Departmental Responsibilities:
Mayor - Chief Executive and Administrative Officer; President of the Council;  Liquor Control Commissioner; appoints the City Clerk, City Attorney, and Chief of Police; oversees the Police Department, Gas Department, Cemetery; acts as City Representative/ Liaison to the Library Board; sits on the Board of Health

Commissioner of Accounts and Finance - Vice-President of the Council, and in the absence, vacancy, or inability of the Mayor, shall perform the duties of the Mayor;  appoints the City Treasurer; oversees the office of City Treasurer (City Building), Park Department, and Civic Center

Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvements - oversees the Street Department

Commissioner of Public Property - oversees the Electric Department

Commissioner of Public Health and Safety - Appoints the City Health Officer; oversees the Water Department and Sewer Department

City Organizational Chart

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