City Treasurer


Sarah Contact Information
Kassie Waggoner
City Treasurer
2 W Harrison St
Sullivan, IL 61951
Phone: (217) 728-4383
Fax: (217) 728-8717

The City Treasurer is appointed by the Commissioner of Accounts & Finances with the approval of the City Council. The Treasurer serves to support the various City departments and other organizations by providing fiscal management and control functions fully integrated into all of the City’s financial operations and activities while ensuring proper adherence to laws, ordinances, policies and procedures.  The key responsibility of this position is to monitor all financial data and budget analysis on a daily basis in order to provide City Council with accurate and timely information for sound decision making.  Other responsibilities include:

  • Annually prepare and file with the County Collector an account of all money received and expenditures incurred during the preceding fiscal year
  • Annually compute and present the Tax Levy Ordinance
  • Formulate the Appropriation Ordinance for each fiscal year and subsequently review department activity to maintain City operations within the approved $28 million budget  
  • Monthly compile and file with the City Clerk a report accounting for the transactions and balances of all funds held by the City
  • Oversee the preparation and posting of all vendor claims and expenditures to present to Council for approval and payment at City Council meetings
  • Compose workpapers, provide documentation and assist the external auditors in the annual financial statement audit
  • Provide managerial support and oversight to the utility office staff in all of their functions including monthly billing, cash collection and accounts receivable reconciliations