A Frame Licenses

Businesses may apply for an A Frame Sign Permit so long as they fall within the appropriate zoning district and follow the City's ordinance regarding A Frame signs below.  There is no fee for an A Frame Sign Permit.
Application for A Frame Sign Permit

City's Ordinance regarding A Frame Signs

40-4-42          A-FRAME SIGNS.  Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in this Section A-Frame signs may be permitted in Zoning Districts B1, B2, I1, and I2 on public sidewalks, providing they comply with the following provisions:

            (A)                    Application.  An application for an A-Frame sign permit shall be submitted and include a plan reasonably depicting the location, size, text, appearance, and method of installation of the proposed sign to be located on the public sidewalk and such additional information as the City Clerk may reasonably require.  The City Clerk may approve the application after determining the proposed sign plan will be reasonable, attractive, and promote pedestrian and retail vitality in Zoning Districts B1, B2, I1, and I2, and that there is adequate space remaining on the public sidewalk to facilitate safe circulation of pedestrian traffic.  No material change to the approved plan shall be made without the prior written approval of the City Clerk.  There shall be no charge to the applicant for said permit.  Said permits shall be for a term of one (1) year, from June 1 to May 31, and must be renewed annually.

            (B)                    Number of Signs.  A maximum of one (1) A-Frame sign is permitted for all eligible businesses on any eligible block face.

            (C)                    Eligible Businesses.  For each sign, eligible businesses include restaurants, retail uses, and retail oriented businesses which also include retail and personal service uses, and theaters.

            (D)                   Size of Sign.  Signs may not exceed forty-two (42) inches in height and twenty-four (24) inches in width.

            (E)                    Illumination or Animation.  Illuminated or animated signs are prohibited.

            (F)                    Pedestrian Safety.  Pedestrian safety shall be preserved through the placement or securing of the sign so as to permit safe and adequate pedestrian throughway along the sidewalk, crossing of streets, entry, lighting from cars and buses, and access to curb ramps.

(1)        Signs must be properly weighted against the wind.

(2)        A minimum clear sidewalk width of thirty-two (32) inches shall be maintained.

(3)        Signs may not be placed within twelve (12) inches of the curb, which shall be defined as the edge of the street or the top most level edge of the steps.

(4)        Signs must be removed after business hours.

            (G)                   Temporary Signs.  All signs, including installation materials placed on the public sidewalks, shall be temporary and readily removable without any damage to the surface of the sidewalk.

            (H)                   Compliance with Law.  All signs shall comply with all applicable city, state, and federal laws and regulations.

            (I)                    Requirements.  Signs shall comply with such additional reasonable terms and conditions as the City Clerk may require and include in the permit.

            (J)                    Zoning Administrator.  Copies of the granted permit shall be given to the Zoning Administrator.

            (K)                    Insurance.  A business owner shall be required to have a One Million Dollar ($1,000,000) liability policy providing coverage for any accident relating to the placement or maintenance of said signs and the City must be named as an additional insured.  A copy of said policy shall be delivered to the City annually, at the time application for a permit is made.  Failure to submit a certificate of insurance to the City shall be a violation of this Section and the business owner shall be required to remove said merchandise from public property.

            (L)                    Attachments.  No attachments are permitted on signs such as balloons, menus, and sale notices.

            (M)                   Penalty.  Violations of the provisions of this Section or failure to comply with any of its requirements shall be subject to the penalties and remedies for violations under the provisions of Article V Division I of the Zoning Code.

(Ord. No. 14-12; 06-23-14)