Garbage Disposal

Application for License for Garbage Disposal Service

City's Code regarding Licensed Collectors

           16-2-5        LICENSE REQUIRED.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to collect garbage within the City without having first secured from the Council a license so to do.

          16-2-6        PROCURING LICENSE PROCEDURE.  Any person, firm or corporation desiring a license to collect garbage shall make application for the same to the Clerk, upon a form prescribed by the Council.  The application shall set forth (1) the name and address of the applicant; (2) a list of the equipment which he proposes to use in such collection; (3) the place or places to which the garbage is to be hauled; (4) the manner in which said garbage is to be disposed of; (5) the portion of the City in which collections are to be made.  The application shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Public Health and Safety for his investigation and report.  If the Commissioner advises that the applicant is responsible and has proper equipment for such collection and that no nuisance is liable to be created by the granting of such license, he shall endorse his approval upon the application.

          16-2-7        BOND.  Before any license may be issued the applicant shall, if his application is approved by the Council, deposit with the Clerk a surety bond in the penal sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) conditioned that he will faithfully and continuously provide the garbage collection services specified on his application as modified by the Council, and under the conditions imposed by the ordinances of this City, and the lawful orders, rules and regulations of the local Board of Health.  If the surety bond is approved by the Council, the Clerk shall issue and deliver the license.

          16-2-8        INSURANCE.  No applicant shall be granted a license unless such applicant shall furnish to the City evidence of financial responsibility in the form of a liability insurance policy for the protection of persons who may suffer damages as a result of the operations of the applicant.  The minimum amount of insurance required shall be as follows:

          (A)          Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) bodily injury (per person);

          (B)          Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) bodily injury (per accident);

          (C)          Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) property damage;

          (D)          One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) business umbrella policy;

          The insurance coverage in said policy limits shall continue so long as the applicant engages in business in that category for which his license is issued.  The policy of insurance shall provide that the insurer shall be required to notify the City at least thirty (30) days prior to the cancellation of the insurance coverage.  A copy of the policy shall be furnished to the City Clerk before a license shall be issued to the applicant.

          16-2-9        FEE, TERM.  A license fee of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) shall accompany the application and upon granting the license, the fee shall be deposited in the general fund.  The annual license fee shall be One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) and shall be paid annually in advance on May 1st of each year.  No license issued hereunder shall be for a longer period than one (1) year and all licenses shall expire on May 1st of each year.  No licensee shall enter into a contract to provide services to a person, firm, or corporation within the City which shall extend beyond the term of the license issued to the licensee.  (Ord. No. 14-4; 02-24-14)

          16-2-10        LICENSED COLLECTOR’S EQUIPMENT.  Each licensed garbage collector shall provide a covered tank or receptacle so constructed that the contents will not leak or spill therefrom, in which all garbage collected by him shall be conveyed to the place designated in his application.  The wagon or conveyance and the containers shall be kept clean and as free from offensive odors as possible, and shall not be allowed to stand at any street, alley, or public place longer than is reasonably necessary to collect garbage.

          16-2-11      FEES FOR COLLECTIONS.  The expenses of garbage and rubbish collection shall be paid to the Collector monthly by the owner, agent, occupant or tenant of the premises from which such garbage is collected and such fees shall be in full compensation for his services in such collection.  The Collector shall notify the Health Officer and the Chief of Police of the discontinuance of the service to any premises within two (2) days after service is discontinued.

          16-2-12      TIMES FOR COLLECTION.  Each licensed garbage collector shall make garbage and rubbish collections in that portion of the City in which he is licensed to collect, semi-weekly.

          16-2-13      UNATTENDED VEHICLES.  No vehicles used in garbage collection shall remain unattended or unoccupied in the City for a period in excess of two (2) hours.

          16-2-14      THROWING GARBAGE ON STREETS.  No person shall dispose of any garbage or rubbish by throwing same upon any public street or alley in the City.

          16-2-15      BURNING GARBAGE.  No person, firm or corporation shall dispose of any garbage or rubbish by burning same in the City.

          16-2-16      TRUCK REQUIREMENT - CLEANLINESS.  The firm that handles the collection of trash shall be of good character and give evidence that the equipment used by him is adequate for the purposes intended.  The successful firm shall have a truck or trucks which shall be so designed that garbage and rubbish that is collected will be covered at all times except in the loading of garbage or rubbish, so that offensive odors are not permitted to permeate the air and cause a nuisance within the City.  The trucks and all containers in which garbage is collected and transported shall be cleaned daily and the collector shall not collect any garbage on any day without having a clean truck and hand containers if containers are used.

          16-2-17      PARKED GARBAGE TRUCKS.  No truck carrying garbage or rubbish, or both, shall be parked or be permitted to stand anywhere in the City except as provided for in Section 16-2-21 any longer than is necessary to pick up containers; however, providing that the standing of such vehicle was made necessary by mechanical trouble, traffic conditions, accident or obedience to the direction of policemen or traffic signals, shall not be considered a violation of this Code.

          16-2-18      TRUCK WASTEWATERS.  A garbage truck or other equipment shall not be washed on City streets or public property and will not be washed where the wastewaters will cause any offensive odors to adjoining property owners.

          16-2-19      WINDBLOWN GARBAGE UNLAWFUL.  It shall be unlawful to place garbage or rubbish in such a manner as to allow the same to be blown by the wind onto the property of other residents.

          16-2-20      GARBAGE FALLING FROM TRUCK.  It shall be unlawful to deposit or permit to fall from any vehicle any garbage, refuse or ashes on any public street or alley in the City, provided that this Code shall not be construed to prohibit placing garbage, refuse, or ashes in a container complying with the provisions of this Code, preparatory to having such material collected and disposed of in the manner provided herein.

          16-2-21      LOCATION OF YARDS FOR EQUIPMENT.  A licensee shall designate the location of the yards on which his equipment will be parked while not in use and the equipment shall not be parked within the City limits unless the designated location shall not, in the opinion of the Code Enforcement Officer, create any nuisance for adjoining property owners.

          The licensee shall have as additional equipment a truck for the disposal of large or unusual items of rubbish which cannot be placed in the designated containers and shall have available for such pickups such equipment at least one (1) day each week or on such additional days as may be necessary to satisfy the needs of the public.

          16-2-22      INDUSTRY, CONSTRUCTION, ETC.  Nothing in this Code shall be deemed to prevent or regulate the hauling of rubbish or refuse from industrial processes, from construction projects or other matter not normally collected on a regular schedule and haulers of rubbish not normally collected in regular collections shall be excused from the requirements of obtaining a collector's license as provided in this Chapter.

          16-2-23      REVOCATION OF PERMIT.  If the licensee fails to perform any services according to his application and rate schedule, the Mayor may revoke his permit.

(See 65 ILCS Sec. 5/11-19-1, et seq.)